Top 10 Foods That Speed Up Metabolism And Burn Fat

High metabolism foods can increase your body’s ability to burn body fat. Hence, include more foods that speed up metabolism into your healthy diet plan for faster fat loss.

Here are top 10 foods that speed up metabolism and burn fat:

1. Lean meats – Protein increases body temperature and boosts metabolism.

2. Walnuts- Nuts such as walnuts are belly fat burning foods as they are rich in healthy fats and protein that can burn fat.

3. Chile peppers – Capsaicin, a heat producing chemical in chile peppers, is shown to increase fat burning. Add this spice into your diet and take advantage of the spicy food metabolism to lose fat.

4. Cinnamon – Rich in essential minerals. Studies also show that cinnamon regulates blood glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity.

5. Garlic – Several studies show that garlic can prevent cancer. Apart from its health benefits, garlic is also one of the foods that speed up metabolism. It is shown to reduce bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels while increasing good cholesterol in the body.

6. Coconut oil – Medium-chain fats in coconut oil do not get stored as body fat as they can be readily utilized for energy.

7. Green tea – Several studies support green tea’s ability to burn fat. Green tea also contains powerful anti-oxidants that can reduce inflammation related to fat storage.

8. Kelp – Sea vegetables are weight loss foods and are high in iodine which regulates thyroid organ function. Proper thyroid function is very important for increased metabolism and fat burning.

9. Ginger – Increases body temperature and boosts blood circulation. Ginger contains essential trace minerals such as selenium, which is required for proper metabolic functioning in the body.

10. Brussels sprouts – Cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts are foods that speed up metabolism. They contain metabolism boosting B-vitamins and anti-oxidants that are shown to reduce the inflammation related to fat gain in the body.

Consider having smaller 500 calorie meals containing the above fat burning foods throughout the day to increase your metabolism even more.