Top 10 Gluten Free Low Carb Snacks On The Go

Low carb snacks by themselves are already quite hard to find, so it only makes sense if finding low carb snacks that are also gluten-free is much harder. With gluten sensitivity affecting more and more people, the need for safe foods is greater than ever. Fortunately, you don’t need too much creativity and patience to come up with healthy diet snacks. Just read on.

1. Quinoa Blueberry Bars: These low carb protein bars are chewy and moist, quite like regular oatmeal bars. However, they are better in that they freeze well, making them easy gluten-free grab-and-go snacks.

2. Prosciutto Rolls: If you ever feel like snacking on an Italian favorite that is a healthier alternative to most processed meats, why not roll up a few slices of delicious prosciutto? If you feel like fancying it up, roll them around cut up pieces of sour green apple. Mmm Italy inspiration!

3. Gluten Free Latkes: Do you like latkes? Even though these fried potato pancakes come in various sizes and shapes, depending on your personal preference, you can make them lacy, thin and fried to a golden brown to make them even more appealing.

4. Banana Almond Shake: Fortunately, gluten free milk still makes creamy, thick and low carb protein shakes, so chill your glass with some ice cubes and whip up a delicious shake to satiate your cravings sometimes.

5. Special Colcannon: Although traditional colcannon is filled with butter and cream, you can change things up and turn it vegan and without gluten to create the perfect no carb snacks for you.

6. Gluten Free Chex Cereal: If you love cereal, then grab some General Mills’ Chex cereal to keep yourself happy. They recently came up with this version for those who suffer from celiac disease.

7. Gluten Free Betty Crocker Mix: On that note, you can grab some Betty Crocker mixes for cakes, cookies and brownies now, too.

8. Baked Goods: If you love to bake, you might have trouble making gluten free breads, desserts and muffins because gluten is what makes the dough rise and gives baked goods their chewy texture and great shape. Fortunately, you can turn to guar gum or xanthan gum for help in this department, so you can still enjoy your favorite baked goods without the offensive protein.

9. Restaurant Take-Out Food: Conversely, if you don’t have the time to whip up your own low carb snacks, you can also get take-out food from restaurants like PF Chang’s, Wendy’s and Outback Steakhouse – go for salads but skip their secret dressings and ask for olive oil and lemon instead. Remember that you still need good fats in your diet.

10. Gluten Free Foods: If you are having trouble deciding, then just stick to products that don’t contain gluten to begin with for your low carb snacks, such as nuts, veggie sticks and rice cakes.

Now you know that you don’t have to break your back to look for the perfect products for you, after all. And don’t forget to replace your can of Pepsi with a warm cup of weight loss tea, to help you digest those healthy snacks on the go!