Top 10 Highest Calorie Foods in The World You Must Avoid!

There are some pitfalls that can result from a diet such as ingesting some of highest calorie foods when you are trying to eat the healthiest foods for weight loss. Here is a list of the top 10 highest calorie foods to avoid:

1. Pasta – from bowtie to angel hair, this starch rich food adds pounds rather than subtracting them. If we could only eat the pasta only – no cheese, sauce or meat.

2. Peanut butter – salty, creamy and crunchy, a few tablespoons will add peanut buttery pounds to your body that you are trying to avoid.

3. Breakfast cereals – while they have gotten better, they are should not be added to your low calorie breakfasts.

4. Nutella – the choco-hazelnut combo is laced with calories that break the diet pattern.

5. Certain cheeses – refrain from having cheese this and cheese that and try to keep this dairy product to an absolute minimum.

6. Salad Dressings – it is easier said than done, but eating a salad without dressing relieves the pressure of carbs being digested into the bloodstream.

7. Butter and Margarine – the spreadable twins should be avoided at all costs.

8. Bread – It has been said by many that they cannot eat a meal without this grainy buddy, but refrain from consuming it as bread is one of the highest calorie foods the grocery store sells.

9. Preservative and Additive Fruit Juices – It is best to juice them in your home, but if you must consume fruit juices, make sure they are 100%.

10. Guacamole – Avocados contain at least 14 grams of fat each and is considered one on the highest calorie foods list. Despite being healthy, the hefty fat calorie content should be kept limited.

On a diet but on the go? Trying to keep the calories to a minimum? Diets must have a balance offering low carb fast food options like Subway salads or McDonald’s apple dippers along such as bacon and egg sandwiches with no bun as well as healthy low carb lunch ideas.