Top 10 Low Carb Fast Food Options

When on a diet, we are often tempted to get some French fries, onion rings or a double cheeseburger. With obesity becoming a worldwide epidemic, it is crucial that we try to stick the diet we are on and avoid highest calorie foods that will move us away from our weight loss goal. Many eating places have some low carb fast food options for those of who fall prey to temptation. Here is a list of the top 10 Low Carb Fast Food Options:

1. Salads w/o the Chicken – While the poultry is a nice to have, salads with just dressing complement any diet and is a popular item along the low carb fast food options solution.

2. No Bread on the Burger – Eating a lean piece of meat is one of the low carb fast food options that will still get you the delicious flavor and tenderness of the meat.

3. Low Carb Pizza – many pizzerias offer low carb pizza crust that will still satisfy that Italian hunger in you.

4. Bowls of Fun – one of the low carb fast food options recently created at many fast food places is the bowl (i.e. burrito bowls, breakfast bowls) which limits the amount of food you are receiving.

5. BK Apple Fries – Burger King sells fresh apple fries. They are not added to a hot skillet with grease, but are a relatively healthy alternative to regular fries.

6. The KFC Grilled Double Down – Recently, the colonel began listing the double down sandwich as a menu item. This one keeps the carbs to a minimum with grilled perfection.

7. Orange Cups, Milk Chugs and Anything But The Fry – Many low carb fast food options are available at most fast food places.

8. Special Order – Research the items you love and enjoy and manipulate your order so you get the tastiness without all of the carbs that are attached. If you love Taco Bell, ask if they could make your tacos with low carb tortillas, for example.

9. Deli Selections – Subway and Quizno’s among other sandwich shops have low carb fast food options that ensure you are consuming the lowest lean cuisine calories possible.

10. Only The Potato – Places such as Wendy’s sell baked potatoes. Loaded with goodies, this is a healthier substitute if you just order this.