Top 10 No Sugar No Carb Snacks Ideas!

Are you looking for no sugar no carb snacks ideas? As sad as it might be to admit it, most people in today’s day and age prefer to snack on chips, ice cream, cookies, candy bars, microwave popcorn, and crackers. Unfortunately, all of these things are filled with sugar and sugar replacements, bad carbs and processed fats (man made oils with carcinogenic properties), and hardly any nutritional value. So, what kind of things can you look into, if you are looking for healthy protein snacks and good low carb snacks (since it’s nearly impossible to have 0 carbs in a food item)? Here is a list of the top 10 no sugar no carb snacks ideas you should try:

1. Nuts: Nuts happen to be very healthy protein snacks that only have around 170 calories in an ounce. That includes 6 grams of protein, 15 grams of fat and only 7 grams of carbs. Most people say that the ideal portion of nuts to eat as a snack would be a handful or a quarter cup. These nuts can either be roasted or unsalted and can be in any variation of your choice. Go for natural almonds or walnuts and avoid peanuts at all costs as they are full of harmful micotoxins caused by mold that grows on them.

2. Edamame: One of the best and most convenient ways to enjoy this protein snack would be to cool some frozen and shelled edamame for several minutes until they are hot. Then, sprinkle them with pepper and some extra virgin olive oil. Delicious!

3. Yogurt: Fermented milk products such as natural unflavored yogurt with bacterial cultures and without preservatives is always a great no sugar low carb snack to eat while on the go or at work. Yogurt actually has very few carbohydrates in it and if you add some low-fat granola or fresh fruit into the mix, you can even make yourself a cool snack parfait.

4. Arthicokes: Try this- cut an artichoke in half and get rid of the inedible center. Then, place the artichoke in a microwavable container with some water in it and cook it for around 6 minutes. Better yet, avoid the microwave (unhealthy) and boil them in hot water for a few minutes. Add some lemon juice, cold pressed olive oil or homemade mayonnaise, and you’re good to go.

5. Whole Grain Snacks: Studies show that people who consume whole grains are at a much lower risk of diabetes. Plus, they are more insulin-efficient, so they don’t need to put in too much effort to metabolize sugar, thus making them some of the best no carb snacks in today’s market.

6. Vegetable sticks: Cut up raw and fresh vegetables and eat them with cottage cheese or home made unprocessed mayo. Aside from the basic greens and carrots, try out jicama sticks, bell pepper rings, zucchini coins, green beans and snow pea pods, too.

7. Low Sugar Protein Bars: Since there are many kinds of snack bars available in today’s market, though – a lot of which contain a ton of sugar – make sure you only choose those that are filled with whole grains and nuts and that are gluten free.

8. Special Salads: Aside from eating a regular salad, try topping one off with chopped avocados or hard-boiled eggs. Then, drizzle it with some balsamic vinegar, balsamic vinaigrette or extra virgin olive oil with lemon. This can serve as your snack of the day.

9. Organic rice cakes: These are fluffy and crunchy, and when topped up with either organic butter and unprocessed healthy mineral Celtic salt, avocado or even fancy red caviar (if you are in a royal kind of mood), they serve as a great no sugar low carb snacks idea and are very filling, as well.

10. Cheese and Turkey Roll-Ups: For something completely out of the ordinary for a change, cut up some hard gouda cheese sticks and roll some roasted nitrite-free turkey breast slices into it to make your no carb snacks for the day.

Finally, don’t forget to sip on a cup of warm weight loss tea with your no sugar no carb snacks instead of a can of diet soda. You will stimulate your metabolism and naturally and gently flush your system of toxins at the same time!