Top 10 Paleolithic Diet Breakfast Ideas For A Modern Caveman!

Weight loss diets such as the Paleolithic diet, emphasize healthy nutrition. Refined carbs and sugar, dairy, grains and legumes are not allowed on this diet. Emphasis is on organic meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Here are top 10 Paleolithic Diet Breakfast Ideas:

1. Vegetables stuffed fluffy omelet – Eggs are highly recommended foods on Paleolithic diet food list. Poached eggs are recommended more than scrambled.

2. Salmon with veggies on the side – Fatty fish like salmon contain wide array of vitamins and minerals. The healthy fats found in the fish can reduce bad fat levels in the body.

3. Pancakes – Although traditional flour is not allowed, you can make paleo pancakes with nut and seed flours. Add honey and berries to your pancakes and enjoy this delicious caveman diet breakfast.

4. Garlic chicken steak – Lean meats are highly recommended Paleolithic diet foods. Have variety of vegetables and tea on the side.

5. Paleo smoothie – Make delicious smoothies with nuts, seeds and fruits.

6. Ground lamb sauté – This is great time saving recipe. Add some peas, tomatoes and peppers and enjoy this quick healthy breakfast.

7. Steak with cauliflower sauté – Add some vegetables to the mix and you have a healthy breakfast. Sautéed cauliflower is a low calorie alternative to rice, which is not allowed on Paleolithic diet.

8. Green salad – Throw in nuts, seeds, vegetables with grilled chicken or duck cubes into a bowl of leafy greens for a delicious breakfast.

9. Fruit salad – Eat variety of fruits and have a glass of almond milk or coconut milk mixed with any organic protein power.

10. Sausage and vegetable sauté – This is a quick and delicious recipe. Include green tea as your cold beverage.

Experts say that the Paleo diet does provide benefits in terms of healthy weight loss and nutrition compared to other drastic fasting diets such as liquid diet weight loss plans. Other quick weight loss diets such as Dukan Diet also emphasize on consuming lean meats. Dukan diet phases, however, severely restrict the consumption of starchy vegetables and most fruits.