Top 10 Pilates Exercises For Abs

Women try sit ups, crunches and isolated stomach exercises for women at home only to meet with disappointment in obtaining a flat belly. Experts say that Pilates exercises can be a great option for those people who want to trim their waist line.

Here are the top 10 Pilates exercises for abs:

1. Plank – Different variations of plank poses are weight loss exercises as they can strengthen your core muscles and boost your metabolism. Maintain neutral spine and put emphasis on your abdominals for safety and greater results.

2. Crisscross – Great exercise for toning the oblique muscles. Experts urge to place the spine and pelvis in neutral position while you bring the chin and elbow to meet the opposite knee.

3. The hundred – This is one of the classic Pilates exercises. Breathing and engaging all your muscles is important.

4. Ball rolls – Pilates ball exercises are great for building overall strength. Unstable surfaces such as a stability ball, offer more resistance than an exercise mat.

5. Straight leg lowers – Great for lower abdominal strengthening and toning. Maintain a neutral pelvis and put emphasis on your abdominals and not your neck.

6. Stretches – There are different Pilate stretches like straight leg and back stretches that are great to perform after your cardio workouts. Stretches will increase your blood circulation and aid in faster recovery from your workouts.

7. Leg curls – While performing curls, keep the tension off your neck and shoulders. Suck in your belly button and put the emphasis on your abdominals.

8. Roll ups – Pilates exercises for beginners such as roll ups are basic and easy to perform. Roll ups will stretch and lengthen your spine and release tension from your back muscles.

9. Hip lifts – These work the entire mid section and your hamstrings. Make use of a stability ball for more resistance.

10. Squeezes – Pilates exercises such as an inner thigh squeeze, strengthen your minor muscles groups to increase stability and balance in your body.