Top 10 Secrets How to Stick to a Strict Diet for Weight Loss

Keeping to a strict diet for weight loss is definitely one of the hardest things to do for anyone who tried losing weight at least once. In America, when everyone is trying a multitude of diets ranging from crash dieting, Atkins and even all liquid diets, the numbers of overweight people continue to go up. Unfortunately, even those lucky few who attained highly desired weight loss are bound to regain it within the following year after stopping the diet.

The main problem when people follow to a strict diet for weight loss is coming unprepared. The following 10 secrets to be unveiled will explain how to make even the strictest diet plan manageable.

1. Understand Nutrition. No matter if you choose Acai berry colon cleanse diet or Cambridge diet, or any other diet under the sun, understanding nutrition is the key. Educate yourself on the basics of proteins, carbohydrates and fats ratio intakes. Learn about calories, food combination rules and healthy foods. Thinking that eating low fat, low carb or gluten free diet is healthy for everybody is a big misconception. Every individual has his own specific nutritional needs due to differences in lifestyles and medical history.

2. Know Your Numbers. Before undertaking any diet, it is important to get a physical evaluation by a doctor to find out what your BMI, blood lipids, sugars and cholesterol level numbers are. It will help to lose weight more effectively and potentially prevent any possible health complications.

3. Plan Ahead. Preparation is the key for any new undertaking, including a strict diet for weight loss. It helps to rid the house of any junk food stashes, snack jars or any tempting unhealthy foods that may steer you away from the weight loss goal. Fill refrigerator with fresh and seasonal ingredients, preferably local and organic. Plan all the meals several days ahead, including snacks to ensure a controlled intake of calories.

4. Create a Motivation Board. Losing weight for losing weight never works. Having a firm goal in mind will make any strict diet for weight loss more exciting. Create a motivation board and post pictures of attractive people in swimming suits, or perhaps hanging up dress 2 sizes too small will create a strong motivation to fit into it. Each dieter will have a unique goal in mind helping him achieve it by visualization.

5. Learn to Cook. This is one of the simplest secrets among our tips how to stick to a strict diet for weight loss. Home cooking allows you to control the ingredients making sure nothing unhealthy or artificial sneaks into your dish. Initially, it may help to avoid entrees with complicated ingredients and cook clean and simple dishes like baked chicken with steamed veggies or fresh greens salad. Eating out make it much harder to follow a strict diet for weight loss because there’s less nutritional control.

6. Eat Several Small Meals a Day. If you are used to eating one giant meal at the end of the day in front of TV, the body cannot easily digest such enormous bulks of foods which inevitably leads to obesity. On the contrary, eating small breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks per day ensures that your body is receiving a constant injection of calories and nutrients to help cope throughout the day. This prevents diet crashes as it keeps blood sugars leveled.

7. Drink More Liquid. And by that we mean water.Staying hydrated is another big secret to keeping the pounds off. This simple secret is essential to a strict diet for weight loss.

8. Pace Yourself. Learn where to pause and where to stop in the losing, do not try to aim for something that is unattainable or will cause more harm than good in a short amount of time. Pacing yourself is the key to a strict diet for weight loss.

9. Exercise is A Major Key to Success. To keep on the right track of a strict diet for weight loss, just eating right is not enough. To help kick metabolism in a high gear, it is essential to work out on a regular basis. It does not mean that you should start running marathons right away but taking small steps towards your goal and challenging yourself daily will help bring your dreams to reality. Finding something enjoyable whether it is swimming, biking, martial arts or dancing will ensure that exercise will become a normal part of your life.

10. Know Various Diets Side Effects. As a final note, all dieters need to learn their specific diet side effects. For example, Atkins diet side effects range from mild like dizziness, headaches and bad breath to very serious like kidney stones and increased risk of certain cancers. By knowing our top ten secrets to following a strict diet for weight loss and knowing their side effects will ensure successful weight loss for life.

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