Top 10 Side Effects of Low Carb Diet

With dangerous obesity epidemics imminently spreading across the world, the low carb high protein diets are some of the most popular diets in the world. These diets work by severely restricting carbohydrate containing foods, including starches, sweets and even some fruits and vegetables. While there are plenty of benefits of low carb diet, there are some side effects of low carb diet as well. Carbohydrate restrictive diets are not for everyone, especially not for pregnant or breastfeeding women, individuals with kidney or liver diseases.

The side effects of low carb diet include:

1. Ketosis. Ketones, which are one of the main side effects of low carb diet, can be dangerous if the diet is performed by people affected by gout, liver or kidney diseases. The state of ketosis sometime result from ketogenic diet weight loss programs as well. It is widely received by proponents of weight loss plans that ketones help one lose fat.

2. Nausea. It is one of the most frequent side effects of low carb diet due to multiple metabolic reactions that such diets trigger. Additionally levels of sugar are quite low which can lower a person’s blood pressure leading to nausea symptoms.

3. Constipation. Constipation is one of the common complaints by low carb dieters that could be caused by diets low in carbs. Since starchy fruits and veggies which are high in fiber and other bulking agents are not allowed during the diet, many individuals experience difficulty with stool regularities. This side effect is normally short lived once a dieter moves on to the next diet phase that allows more starch.

4. Dizziness. This could be triggered by low carb diets due to their high protein low sugar content.

5. Diminishing Bone Density. With high levels of acid in blood, the body is working hard to neutralize acid with calcium by taking it from the bones, depleting their density. This can ultimately lead to fractures, especially in menopausal women and aging men.

6. Kidney Stones. These are among very serious side effects of low carb diet resulting from body’s PH level becoming devastatingly acidic. As this happens acid crystals settle in the kidneys and form kidney stones. Ketogenic diets are often used in children who have epilepsy, and it was noted that oral supplementation with potassium citrate greatly diminishes this risk.

7. Bad Breath. Bad breath (halitosis) could be a result of ketosis state the body is undergoing during low carb dieting. Ketones are considered to be a normal functioning of the body. They are produced by the liver from fatty acids during a breakdown of body fat due to the body not receiving enough glucose related nutrition.

8. Hypoglycemia. Patients affected by diabetes should seek medical advice as to low carb diets in avoidance of dangerous blood sugar fluctuations.

9. High Levels of Cholesterol. Unfortunately, in some people, especially affected by heart disease, levels of triglycerides or bad cholesterol can dangerous go up. This could be explained by excessive animal protein intake.

10. Hair Loss. Hair loss is a surprising side effect of low carb dieting due to nutrient deficiency caused by eliminating nutrient dense foods such as high starch fruits and vegetables. Restriction of whole grains containing important vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth can also lead to luster lacking manes.

These effects are often compared to the Atkins diet side effects since the latter also focuses on carbohydrate restriction in several phases. Low carb diets have been questioned heavily as to their success due to the significant side effects of low carb diet. The benefits do outweigh the side effects though, however not single restrictive diet should be used for prolonged periods of time.