Top 10 Stomach Exercises For Women At Home

Many people fall into the trap of using ab cruncher machines, which according to experts are the not best way to burn stomach fat. There are many simple yet effective stomach exercises for women at home that will ramp your heart beat and boost your metabolism so you can obtain a flat stomach.

Here are the top 10 stomach exercises for women at home:

1. Squats – Burn abdominal fat by performing different variations of squats with your body weight or free weights.

2. Inclined Pushups – These build rock hard core and boost your metabolism. Pushups are top stomach exercises for women at home as they can be performed with just body weight.

3. Jump lunges – Lunge variations are top stomach exercises for women when performed right. Make sure to watch a couple of videos about the right way to perform lunges.

4. Burpees – There are different variations of burpees. A few repetitions of body weight burpees, can leaving you breathing hard. They are great stomach exercises for women at home for faster and leaner body.

5. Plank – Variations of plank positions should be a part of your abs workout routine as they can tighten up your tummy and build lean abdominals.

6. One leg step ups – Raise through your glutes applying pressure on your abdominals. Perform step ups with dumbbells for more resistance.

7. Ab cycles – Bicycle motion on the floor puts pressure on your abdominals. Learn how to perform them right and you can tone your tummy.

8. Ab crunches on medicine ball – Exercises on unstable grounds such as medicine ball, add more resistance and help build strong core.

9. Reverse crunches – These are great for toning lower abdominals. Alternate reverse crunches with lunges in a circuit style workout for greater fat loss results.

10. Twist on a ball – Ball adds greater resistance to your abdominals. Perform 10 of these to tone your oblique muscles.

The first six resistance weight loss exercises, will build a stronger core, which is necessary to burn belly fat. The last four can help you develop and tone your abdominals.