Top 10 Summer Weight Loss Camps For Teenagers In The US

Going to summer weight loss camps are one of the great ways to learn about healthy lifestyle habits. Their specially designed weight loss programs can help teenagers lose weight under expert supervision in a healthy environment.

Here are the top 10 summer weight loss camps for teenagers:

1. Well Spring Camp La Jolla – Consider joining the America’s most prestigious weight loss and fitness camp. Authorities at Camp La Jolla, pride themselves for offering the only scientific-based weight loss program in California.

2. Camp Shane – Their weight loss camps for teens are in three locations and are popular on TV. They offer online counseling, expert care and exciting activities.

3. Well Spring All Girls Camp – If you are looking for fewer distractions and effective weight loss, consider attending Well Spring Camp in New York for girls and young women from age 11.

4. Camp Pocono Trails – This is one of the ACA accredited New Image weight loss camps for kids and teens located near Philadelphia. This camp offers great fitness and fun activities.

5. Camppennbrook – This is an exclusive all girls weight loss summer camp located in Delaware.

6. Well Spring Camp North Carolina- This camp is one of the most fun and adventurous summer weight loss camps in the US. There are plenty of outdoor activities such as rowing, hiking, rafting, rock climbing and rappelling.

7. Well Spring Florida – This camp is one of the most effective summer weight loss camps in the world. You can achieve rapid and dramatic weight loss through the comprehensive programs the camp offers.

8. Well Spring Camp Pennsylvania (near Poconos) – Its programs are based on teaching teens about healthy lifestyle choices and offering solution to emotional problems such as compulsive eating.

9. Camp Vanguard – This ACA accredited camp located in Florida, offers the most comprehensive program for weight loss.

10. Well spring Wisconsin – Build self esteem, lose weight and have fun in the summer through the camp’s scientific-based weight loss program.

Camps can show you ways to speed up metabolism naturally through diet and activity for faster and healthier weight loss.