Top 10 Weight Gaining Foods For Men To Grow Muscle!

Foods to eat to gain muscle should be natural and organic and provide ample protein. Proper proportion of macro nutrients in weight gaining foods is essential for healthy muscle gain and fat loss.

Here are top 10 weight gaining foods for men to grow muscle:

1. Whole eggs – Egg yolk usually gets bad review, but it contains healthy fats that can stabilize your blood sugar levels and control your food cravings. Eggs are also affordable and provide high quality complete protein for muscle growth.

2. Fatty fish – Organic fish such as salmon contains monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fats. It is also loaded with vitamins and minerals needed for proper muscle growth.

3. Chicken – Contains less fat and high protein content. Lean meats are fat burning foods for men. Include organic grass fed chicken for burning fat and growing muscle.

4. Red meat – Organic grass fed lean beef is one of the top weight gaining foods for men. Lean beef contains CLA, which boosts body’s metabolism.

5. Liver – Organ meats are weight gaining foods. Rich in B12, zinc and iron, high in protein content and other minerals required for muscle growth.

6. Cottage cheese – A cup of cottage cheese contains about 16 grams of complete protein.

7. Whey protein shakes are essential for men to grow lean muscle mass. However, if you add a few meal replacement shakes per day, these can be great weight loss foods.

8. Quinoa – If you are not a fan of meats, then consider adding this gluten-free grain to your diet as it provides complete easily absorbable protein for muscle growth.

9. Walnuts – This brain food contains L-arginine and vitamin E which are precursors for the production of nitric oxide, which is shown to boost athletic performance and muscle growth.

10. Protein bars – high quality protein bars could become a great snack when you just need a little pick me up throughout the day and a great post-workout nourishment to keep your muscle mass in check.

Instead of eating high calorie meals three times a day, consider having high protein low calorie meals multiple times a day.