Top 10 Weight Loss Diets

Weight Loss DietsWith obesity becoming one of major epidemics in America the question of how to lose weight has been widely publicized. Millions of Americans have gone on and off thousands of weight loss diets losing a little, some or lots of weight. Some have maintained the lost weight, while others re-gained it within a short period of time. With thousands of diets being promoted by mass media every day how do you know which weight loss diets are effective and good for you in the long run?

Below we offer a brief overview of top 10 most popular weight loss diets in America:

1. Atkins diet has been revised according to recent dietary guidelines and needs of modern dieters. Despite the fact that the older edition of Atkins weight loss plan was widely criticized for being too much of a high protein diet that could be unhealthful for certain individuals with pre-existing health conditions, it took America by storm and allowed millions of people to lose lots of weight and keep it off for life. The diet is based on four main phases that must be strictly maintained to lose weight. The diet’s main focus is still plenty of protein supplemented by fiber rich vegetables and legumes. The new edition of Atkins weight loss plan allowed some alcohol and caffeine in the later stages.

2. South Beach diet was developed by a cardiologist for her patients affected by heart disease in hopes to alleviate major health consequences of being overweight. The diet is extremely well balanced and is putting health before weight loss. The initial low carb stage might resemble Atkins weight loss plan, however the next stage introduces plenty of good carbs like fruits and whole grains. The diet is rated among the healthiest weight loss diets, however it suggests plenty of wild fish meals that could get quite expensive for some dieters.

3. Acai berry diet is a revolutionary approach to weight loss that was promoted by Oprah on her TV show. Acai berry supplements are taken twice daily for an amazing boost of energy and decreased appetite. Dieters are recommended to follow a sensible eating plan and get involved in a regular exercise program. Acai berry supplements must be purchased from reliable sources to insure their effectiveness.

4. Master cleanse diet is known to some of the readers as a lemonade diet that allows your body to rid itself of toxins and lose weight fast. Lemonade is prepared daily using just a few simple ingredients like organic natural maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice. If you are OK with liquid diets, then this master cleanse program is for you. However, if you like chewing actual food, the master cleanse plan might leave you lacking something. Some health authorities warn dieters about staying on the lemonade diet for prolonged periods of time due to some recorded side effects like diarrhea, dizziness and chills.

5. Weight Watchers diet is among America’s favorite weight loss diets due to its versatility and ability to be maintained throughout the rest of your life without even feeling like you are on a diet. Weight Watchers offers a down to earth approach to weight loss based on their PointsPlus system. With Weight Watchers you can cook yourself, eat out or anything in between due to their incredible score card system that you take anywhere with you. In addition, Weight Watchers provide online support and motivational meeting for people determined to lose weight and keep it off for good. It’s really hard to imagine any other weight loss diets with such versatility and adaptability to real life situations.

6. Sonoma Diet is a weight loss program based on consuming moderate amounts of healthy foods and enjoying the process along the way. The program is designed to work in so called waves (stages). The first 10 day long stage is intended to help you cleanse your body from junk food addiction. In the following stage dieters learn to control portions and make healthful choices. The final stage is intended to be maintained for the rest of your life and to be enjoyed while you are at it. Dieters are advised to eat plenty of power foods that are plentiful in Mediterranean regions like olive oil, berries, leafy greens, almonds, tomatoes, broccoli and even high quality red wine.

7. NutriSystem diet is an ideal program for people who have no time to cook and have busy and demanding jobs. With NutriSystem program meals are delivered to your work or home. NutriSystem meals come in 3 main categories for men, women and vegetarians. The main focus of the NutriSystem program is portion control and consuming foods with low glycemic index. Some dieters had a huge success while others did not see much progress in the long run.

8. The Diet Solution is one of very popular weight loss diets based on your specific metabolic type. After filling out questionnaire dieters determine which nutritional type they belong to. Each metabolic type comes with detailed dietary guidelines on what your carb to protein to fats ratio should be. Dieters are advised to eliminate all junk foods, sugars and artificial sweeteners. The main focus of this diet is to change the way we think of food and teach us what foods are better for our specific nutritional type. The key elements of the Diet Solution are organic meats, organic produce, wild caught salmon, healthy fats, seeds and nuts. Overall a great diet that could be customized specifically for you.

9. 1200 calorie diet is the simplest to follow low calorie diet that is based on counting calories. Dieters are advised to consult online resources or books to estimate approximate caloric values of foods. The diet is especially good for very organized people whose daily caloric needs are not high like office workers, for example. For people involved in manual labor with high energy demands 1200 calorie diet will leave them hungry, dizzy and unsatisfied. All meals must be carefully planned and estimated. Dieters received great short term results but failed this strict diet for weight loss in the long run without making fundamental healthy changes in their diets.

10. Zone diet. Created by Dr. Barry Sears the Zone diet has become one of the most popular weight loss diets of the century. The Zone diet is all about nutritional balance and proper ratio of vital food groups like 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% healthy fats. The diet is considered low carb diet with low calorie preference. The Zone diet is more appropriate for people who prepare their meals at home and occasionally eat out. For people on the go, the Zone diet might be just too hard to follow because it’s nearly impossible to estimate the nutritional ratio of restaurant meals. Some reported that the diet was just not substantial enough to carry them through their busy work day and raised their chances of crash dieting.

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