Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

Weight Loss FoodsWith obesity spreading over the US at ground breaking speeds, weight loss topics are one of the most searched for items on the Internet. What are the weight loss foods and can you truly achieve healthier weight if you consume them? This article will shed light on one of the best weight loss foods and present information explaining why this is true.

1. Water is your best ally on the road to weight loss. In fact, water is the best weight loss foods especially if consumed before meals. It creates a sense of fullness in your stomach and you are likely to eat much less with your meals. Your body is your best adviser on how much water to drink. Take a sip every time you feel thirsty or when you notice your urine becomes darker than light straw color as it should be. It is important you drink the right type of water. Water that comes from plastic bottles should be entirely avoided because it contains chemicals that leech in the water form plastic under certain circumstances like being exposed to various extreme temperatures. Some believe that switching to diet beverages will allow them to drop weight in the long run. While this is true from the caloric stand point, it is not entirely correct when it comes to your health. Diet beverages contain sugar alternatives in forms of artificial sweeteners that are the worst culprits leading to an array of health conditions. Therefore, diet soda and weight loss is not the best combination if you want to achieve leaner and healthier you. Only clean filtered water and herbal teas should become your new daily dietary staples. Over the course of a week or two, your taste buds will adjust and will not crave sweet drinks anymore.

2. Fermented foods are the best fat burning foods known to humanity for centuries. Sauerkraut, natural yogurt, kefir and naturally brined pickles supply our bodies with ample amounts of good gut bacteria known as probiotics leading in improved digestion, enhanced lipid exchange and weight loss effect. When we speak of yogurt, we mean only flavor free, additive free products. Only these can be true weight loss foods that are guaranteed to reduce your waistline. Almost no conventional low carb yogurt brands can bring desirable weight loss results because these contain some unwanted ingredients like artificial sweeteners, flavors and additives. Look for products that list only low fat milk and yogurt cultures among its ingredient listing. The less ingredients, the better – organic varieties are the best among weight loss foods!

3. Herbs. If you have always moved a few sprigs of parsley that come with your dishes to the side of your plate, think again! Herbs are the foundation for foods combining for weight loss since they contain a host of digestive enzymes that help us digest proteins and carbs better. As research shows, if you add a handful of herbs like parsley, dill, green onions, cilantro and rosemary to each meal, you are likely to help your body lose weight the natural way. Get creative by adding raw herbs to your sandwiches, salads, omelets or even juicing them for a great boost of vital nutrients for weight loss.

4. Legumes that come in all sizes, shapes and colors are also one of the best weight loss foods there are. Legumes like lentils, peas and beans contain lots of fiber that makes our stools bulky thus easing elimination. Legumes are known to reduce bad cholesterol levels considerably and regulating body lipid exchange. Consider replacing several servings of meat throughout your week with legume dishes like veggie burgers made with beans, falafel (chickpea) patties, lentil soups or salads. In addition, legumes take longer to digest making us feel full longer compared to eating a dish made of simple starches that makes us even hungrier after a while.

5. Vegetable Juice. Have you always consumed fruit juices in the morning? Even natural fruits contain lots and lots of fructose that eventually leads to weight gain. If you want to lose weight, consider juicing vegetables instead. Avoid root vegetables like carrots and beets since these also contain lots of fructose and starches. Opt for vegetables that are low in calories and sugar like cilantro, cucumbers, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, fennel and virtually any vegetable you find palatable raw. Make sure you consume your vegetable juices as soon as you prepare them fresh. Light and time destroys vital vitamins and enzymes in the juices. Consider adding a few drops of flax oil to your juices to increase nutrient absorption. Seasons with a splash of lime and a sprinkle of cayenne or paprika whatever you prefer. Vegetable juices are one of the healthiest foods for weight loss.

6. Vinegar, surprisingly, is one of the weight loss foods you might not know about. Naturally brewed apple cider vinegar added to your meals can dramatically decrease blood sugar fluctuations for obese individuals leading to easier weigh loss.

7. Protein. According to multiple reliable research date high protein diets are much more effective vs low fat diets. Our bodies need good fats to function properly, to renew cells, regulate digestion, brain activity, hormone production and many more. If you limit fat consumption to a minimum, you are going to put your body in a starvation mode when it will try storing more fat than it truly needs making it very difficult for you to lose weight. Focus on heart healthy fats like fish oil, olive and flax see oil. Consuming protein with every meal will allow you to remain full longer and contribute to muscle gain if you exercise. More muscle gain means you will ultimately burn more fat in the long run.

8. Cold water fish is chockfull of protein and essential Omega 3 fatty acids. Moreover dishes made with salmon are delicious weight loss foods that could be prepared a thousand different ways and served over greens, brown rice, vegetables and even with a fruit salad. Wild salmon will take the boredom out of losing weight and supply body with essential nutrients for healthy weight loss.

9. Atkins diet snacks. Brought to you by world’s famous diet these mighty snacks that come in a plethora of flavors are a great way to stay on the diet track. Atkins snacks are tailored to people who are on high protein diets and create a great afternoon or pre workout snack that makes you satisfied and not crave junk foods.

10. Buckwheat is the champion among all whole grains for protein and vitamin content. You can eat buckwheat virtually at any time of the day and learn to prepare healthful and flavorful dishes by adding herbs, vegetable or protein of choice to enhance the flavor.

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