Top 10 Weight Loss Procedures

Weight Loss ProceduresLosing weight requires lots of time, patience and diligence. It’s human nature to try and speed up the process. A lot of people who would like to shed unwanted pounds are looking for extra help that many weight loss procedures can provide. However, weight loss procedure can not replace a sensible diet and hours of exercise, these can only provide a temporary fix if you do not continue working on your personal weight loss plan.

Below you will find top 10 weight loss procedures to consider on the road to achieving your perfect weight:

1. Laser fat removal is a great alternative to invasive surgical weight loss procedures with painful and lengthy recovery times. During laser weight loss procedures the subcutaneous fat is literally melted by powerful laser lights and eliminated from the body using smaller than traditional suction tubes. Thermage laser weight loss procedures allow you to receive nearly instant results. Patients have minimal side effects following Thermage treatment and less discomfort compared to conventional fat removal procedures.

2. Liposculpture is an innovative plastic surgery procedure that enables your surgeon to remove as much subcutaneous fat as needed from various areas all over your body, including face, arms, legs, thighs and else. This method is much gentler on the patient and comes with a minimal recovery stage. All plastic surgeons agree this procedure can only be effective long term if you continue with your exercises and dieting regimen in order to avoid regaining weight.

3. Ultrasonic liposuction is a type of liposuction that utilizes ultrasonic energy to break down subcutaneous fat and facilitate its removal. Unfortunately, a lot of plastic surgeons are discontinuing this particular procedure due to recent research revealing serious long term complications that might come with this technique like infection and tissue necrosis.

4. Body wraps for weight loss are considered one of the most popular procedures that people believe help them shed a few pounds, get tighter skin and look better instantly. During body wrap treatments a piece of natural cloth is soaked in herbal solutions, sea salt, Dead Sea mud or else and tightly wrapped around a whole body or parts of the body. Patients are encouraged to either rest or walk around for a period of time depending on the treatment. After the treatment the body wrap is removed to relieve tighter, smoother and healthier looking skin. Some specialists are skeptical whether body wraps can truly provide weight loss effects, however, if you believe in something it will definitely help you lose weight.

5. Tummy tuck is a very invasive surgical procedure intended to remove excessive skin and fat deposits in the abdominal area after a significant weight loss, pregnancy or as effects of aging. If you are considering an abdominoplasty, it’s essential to maintain your healthy weight and continue exercising to not undo the results of the surgery. Abdominoplasty is a major surgery that is not routinely covered by insurance companies which could get very expensive to pay out of the pocket. Abdominoplasty might not bring in the results you want if you do not continue a proper exercise regimen.

6. Deep tissue massage weight loss procedures provide a highly therapeutic effect for your whole body. Hands of a well trained massage therapist can relieve muscle tension, improve flexibility and blood flow to tissues. Healthy muscles help you work our more efficiently, thus gaining more lean muscle faster. In addition, good deep tissue massage enhances lymphatic flow, breaks up subcutaneous fat and removes toxins from the body.

7. Sauna weight loss procedures are very popular among medical Spa patients who don’t only want to lose a few pounds but to also provide their bodies with a great detox. Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies with millions of pores that let out sweat under hot conditions. Either dry or steam saunas are heated to a certain temperature allowing a patient to just kick back and relax for a controlled period of time. Steam facilitates natural sweating, removes toxins through skin, enhances circulation and sets your body into a calorie burning overdrive. It’s ideal if you follow your sauna weight loss procedure with a cool dip in the pool or perhaps a session of swimming to enhance your weight loss results.

8. Underwater massage weight loss procedures are highly effective treatments that provide long lasting results and facilitate weight loss. Therapeutic effects of water have long been studied. Head to your local medical spa and sign up for a round of hydro massage weight loss procedures that utilize various ingredients to help you along the way like sea salt, sea weed extracts, rose petals and other herbal preparations. An experienced hydro massage technician will direct massage jets or hoses to target especially problem areas for women like thighs, buttocks and lower back area. Hydro therapy massage relieves tension all over the body and lets you lose a few pounds to fit in your favorite dress before the holidays.

9. Charco’s shower is not just a shower but a “shock” shower delivered under high water pressure. Charco’s shower takes its peculiar name after a French doctor who introduced this amazing immunity boosting and mind invigorating procedure. Charco’s showers are believed to have multiple therapeutic effects that calm nerves, relieve stress and improve blood circulation ridding you of toxins. Showers are delivered with high pressure controlled jets and target the back, thighs, legs and buttocks. Additional contrast water temperatures from cold to warm provide unsurpassed invigorating effect for the whole mind and body.

10. Colon detox weight loss procedures are a great first step on your way to weight loss. Colon cleanse allows your body to rid itself of waste matters built up in your lower intestines. In fact, once toxins are washed out of your colon, it will trigger healthier digestion, eliminate constipation problems and let you lose a few pounds. Colon irrigation is only carried out at medical weight loss facilities under a watchful eye of health professionals and should not be attempted at home. Frequent colon cleanse detox is not beneficial but can disrupt natural micro flora balance of your intestines and should only be done under doctor’s recommendations.

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