Top 10 Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss ProgramsIf you are healthy and have to lose a few pounds, you can easily do this by eating more wholesome lower calorie meals and getting involved in a more regular exercise regimen. However, if you have to lose 25 lbs or more or you have a host of chronic medical conditions, losing weight might not be as easy and might require help from weight loss specialists. Currently you have a lot of choice when it comes to weight loss programs that focus on various factors that contribute to weight gain in the first place ranging from food addictions, psychological eating disorders and severe obesity.

Below we present top 10 weight loss programs for your information and consideration:

1. Weight loss retreats provide a great environment and help of experienced staff for you to meet your weight goals. Most retreats are set amidst beautiful natural surroundings like ranches, beach-fronts and wilderness areas to help dieters eliminate junk food cravings, take attention away from food addictions and establish new healthier routines. Being surrounded by other people with similar weight loss goals and doing things together like hiking, swimming, biking or doing yoga provide an incredible sense of partnership that helps accomplish weight loss goals faster.

2. Weight loss centers are specialized medical facilities that gather multiple medical professionals who can help you lose weight the healthy way all under one roof. Dieticians, psychologists, weight loss specialists, fitness trainers and finally surgeons can help you accomplish your ideal weight. A personalized weight loss program is created for every patient. Weight loss progress is closely monitored and documented. If you are severely overweight and have specific doctor’s orders to lose weight, most major health insurances will cover weight loss clinic services if not fully than at least partially.

3. Eating disorder treatment centers are intended for patients of all ages with a history of anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating and a series of other eating disorders that established rather unhealthy relationships with food that need to be addressed. These treatment centers for eating disorders help women and men overcome their troubled relationships with food, create a more positive body image, build healthier personal relationships and start living lives to the fullest. Depending on specific types of disorders professional nurses, dieticians and psychologists can help their patients create personal eating plans, teenage weight loss plan, treatment programs and follow up treatments.

4. Hypnosis weight loss is one of many very controversial weight loss programs that should not be taken lightly. Hypnosis is a trance state of mind when a patient becomes especially sensitive to verbal suggestions and commands. According to latest research patients undergoing through various hypnosis based weight loss programs lost only about 6lbs more on average than patients losing weigh the old fashioned way with dieting and exercising.

5. HCG weight loss is a rather controversial program that uses injections of human growth hormone for accomplishing significant weight loss. Human growth hormone provides us with surges of energy, makes us look younger and feel the part, however, what are the side effects of such weight loss therapy? Most medical professionals do not recommend any weight loss programs if they involve HCG injections because the side effects are not fully studied and can bring unpleasant results down the road.

6. Nutritional type weight loss is an incredible innovative approach that not only lets you lose weight but to maintain it for life. The program teaches you what food groups you should be eating for your personal nutritional type that is established by answering a series of questions. There are 3 main types, including protein, carbohydrate and mixed. Daily caloric intake for men and women involved in sedentary or active lifestyles are also provided with this program. Each food type comes with detailed recommendations on which foods to make a focus on. For example, if you are a protein type consuming fruit alone will raise your blood glucose levels too sharply. On the other hand, if you combine a piece of fruit with some fats like peanut butter or a slice of natural cheese, you blood sugars will remain stable for many hours making you feel full longer.

7. Acupuncture weight loss programs are all encompassing customized plans for patients who would like to lose weight but even more importantly keep it off. The program focuses on century’s old Chinese Medicine practices that treat body and mind food addictions, curb cravings and help establish healthier relationships with food. However, one should not view acupuncture as an absolute cure for obesity and stop eating sensibly and exercising, on the contrary, acupuncture for weight loss is only going to set you in the right direction on your road of losing weight. This program is only right for people who are very determined to reach their weight loss goals with long term health benefits in mind. An acupuncturist inserts special needles in certain ear and body points called meridians that in its turn releases endorphins and normalizes bodily energy flow.

8. Medifast meal replacement program is one of the leading obesity treatment programs that is based on replacing your meals with specially pre-packaged products like shakes, soups, oatmeal, hot beverages and more. Medifast dieters are advised to get their doctors’ clearance before starting this low calorie weight loss program that guarantees anywhere from 2-5 lbs a week of lost weight. With Medifast 1000 calories per day program and replacing up to 5 meals a day with delicious shakes and other scrumptious products you are guaranteed to look slimmer within weeks. The average cost of Medifast meals are about $75 a week considering that these can be taken on the go and can fit into any busy schedule.

9. Mindful Eating Program has been created based on ancient Buddhist studies of awareness of the world around us. High paced modern world does not allow us to fully savor our food resulting in eating lots of unnecessary foods without fully tasting it. Once you become more aware and mindful of what you eat , you naturally are going to long for wholesome ingredients, savor every bite and enjoy this mindful state of mind. Another big part of Mindful Eating plan is a big focus on meditation which might be a little tricky for some of us at first. This program is more suitable for people who already made certain steps in trying to live a more healthful way of life and might not be structured to people who are only starting out with weight loss.

10. Raw Food Detox is among very popular weight loss programs for people wanting to lose weight and provide a general detoxifying effect on their bodies. Generally, raw vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruit, coconut, goat cheese and olive oil are incredible metabolism boosters for our bodies helping us zap more fat faster. Initially, it might be hard to consume only raw and minimally processed foods, however the first phase of the program allows 25% or cooked meals in addition to raw ingredients. Raw Food Detox might not be appropriate for people with chronic digestive, liver or kidney diseases since raw vegetables might be too taxing on their digestive system and cause excessive gas, bloating and indigestion.

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