Top 5 Atkins Diet Snacks During Induction Phase

The Atkins diet is one of the most common weight plans today. Developed in 1972 by Dr. Robert Akins, the Atkins diet makes the body convert stored body fat to energy. Promoting the habitual eating of protein, the diet is often assumed to be exclusively protein only but the person undergoing the Atkins diet should also consume some carbohydrates. The Atkins diet is completed in phases: the induction; ongoing weight loss; and pre-maintenance. Created in order to rid the body of excess weight, the Atkins diet was also formulated to treat certain ailments. There are some Atkins diet snacks that could be consumed during the induction phase, which is the most restrictive of all of the phases of the diet. Here are the top 5 Atkins diet snacks that should be eaten:

1. Better Balance Protein Sticks – free of gluten and delicious, these sticks created by Kay’s Naturals are full of folic acid and whole grain goodness.

2. R.W. Garcia Lo’s Tortilla Chips – organic tortilla chips that revels in corn quality with ever bite.

3. Low Carb Yogurt. Some low carb yogurt brands include CarbMaster by Kroger and Fage.

4. Atkins protein bars such as Luna Bars and Cliff Bars.

5. Atkins diet desserts that keep with the restrictive qualities of the induction phase. Some items include chocolate fondue, flag cake, whose recipe is listed on the Atkins website, and grilled pineapple just to name a few.

There are some other popular Atkins diet snacks that are loved during the induction phase. Some Atkins diet users opt to have diet soda. Over the years, many people have reported that there is a correlation between diet soda and weight loss due to the lack of sugar within the carbonated beverage. While the validity of these claims has been challenged, diet soda is still a viable option when consuming Atkins diet snacks.