Top 5 Morbid Obesity Treatment Options

Fighting obesity can be hard but with proper supervision and treatment, you can certain win the battle. There are several morbid obesity treatment options such as behavioral modification and commercial weight loss programs, physician supervised programs and less invasive surgical procedures such as gastric plication surgery.

1. Behavioral modification morbid obesity treatment. You can obtain this therapy in a bariatric clinic, commercial clinics or through self help books and counseling at home. Behavioral therapy aims at changing your habits and behavioral patterns that contributed to your obesity. Eating habits, increasing physical activity, support groups, self monitoring and setting realistic weight loss goals are a part of this treatment.

2. Setting smart and realistic goals and taking the initiative to stick them is very important. There are several self monitoring ideas such as keeping a food and exercise journal or asking a friend or family member to be a witness of your weight loss success that you can implement.

3. Commercial morbid obesity treatment. You can choose to opt for commercial programs and diets such as Jenny Craig, Atkins, Nutri System, Slim Fast and Weight Watchers etc. Although these programs can serve as short term morbid obesity treatment options, they are not the best options, according to the experts as lost weight is often regained once the normal eating is resumed.

4. Clinical or Physician supervised weight loss programs. These programs are implemented in a clinical setting and you will be carefully supervised by a physician, nurse or a psychiatrist. Behavioral therapy, increased physical activity, cultivation of healthy eating habits and medications are a part of these programs. Private consultations and support groups are also a part of many medical weight loss programs. Your insurance can cover the cost for these programs, especially if you show the proof that the treatment is of medical in nature.

5. Bariatric surgery. Surgery is also an option for super morbidly obese people whose BMI is greater than 40 and have a co-morbid health condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Experts say that surgery option should be kept aside as your last resort. Surgical procedures are not the easy way out as you will have to work on your habits to maintain the quality of life after the surgery.