Top 5 Unhealthiest Fastest Ways to Lose Weight!

Among Hollywood actresses to fashion runway models, drastic weight loss methods are ever so popular. The media pressure to look thin has forced millions of women to look for the fastest ways to lose weight. Severely restricting calories and exercising are some of the sure ways to drop pounds fast, however everything is good in moderation and when done gradually. Unfortunately, there are plenty of dieters searching for the fastest ways to lose weight and resort to very unhealthy measures putting their health and lives on the line.

Below you will find some of the unhealthiest fastest ways to lose weight that we hope you never try.

1. Binge and Purge. This method to lose weight is one of the oldest known to humanity that goes back to Roman Empire where noblemen were purging their meals in order to continue eating at copious feasts. Ranked among eating disorders, binge and purge cycle is especially common among celebrities and teenage girls. Unfortunately, this vicious cycle affected such well-known people as Paula Abdul, Nicole Richie, Elton John, Victoria Beckham and many others. Parents need to stay in tuned that this method does not become a teenage weight loss plan for their growing kids facing pressures of the modern society.

2. Master Cleansing. Most of the cleanse diets are all-liquid diets that consist of water, lemon juice, honey or maple syrup and cayenne pepper. These cleanses can run for a number of days, anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks and are supposed to set up body to lose lots of weight in a short period of time. These all-liquid diets are almost staples among the celebrities helping them prepare and lose a few pounds before major public appearances at the Oscar’s, Cannes Festival and Grammy’s. This diet actually is very detrimental for people fighting blood sugar disorders and can put pre-diabetics in a dangerous health predicament. Over time, this weight loss plan starts breaking down muscle tissue and may actually slow down metabolism.

3. Laxatives. Another popular entry among fastest ways to lose weight may indeed bring fast but short lived results. Additionally, overuse of laxatives puts the body at a risk for severe dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and malabsorbtion of essential vitamins and minerals. And that’s not it, hemorrhoids, anal fissures and intestinal damage are other forms of laxatives weight loss plans complications. Most weight lost is actually water and not fat.

4. Exercising in a Sauna Suit. Made from waterproof fabric, this type of suit creates a sauna like effect when coupled with vigorous exercise. Said to be used by boxers and wrestlers in need of a super fast weight loss, this type of weight management plan is extremely dangerous because it leads to severe dehydration, body temperature spikes and even death in some individuals.

5. Monodieting and Eliminating All Fats. While this diet may not seem all too extreme, it has been proven many times to be one of the fastest ways to lose weight in the short run. However, excluding even good fats does not add to your overall health. The lack of healthy fat deters the body from functioning properly and the fat isn’t zapped off any faster. Also eating just one type of food like cucumbers, celery or apples creates severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the long run.

Staying motivated to lose weight is not easy. If you have been struggling to find the fastest ways to lose weight, consult a licensed nutritionist. He will be able to recommend which diets or lifestyle changes can help you finally lose weight that you desire. From weight loss retreats, to structured eating plans, you will be on the way to follow some of the fastest ways to lose weight without sacrificing your health.