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Best Herbal Laxatives Tea Options For Weight Loss

Many people still think that laxatives both herbal laxatives and the pill form, can help with weight loss. This is a common misconception considering that calories are absorbed well before what’s headed out reaches the back door. However, it is

7 Dangers of Using Laxatives To Lose Weight

People have been using laxatives to lose weight for years, but few people associate laxative abuse with potentially serious side effects. It is only advised to take laxatives when they are necessary to treat a specific medical condition, most often

Senna Tea Weight Loss Solution Review

Senna tea is all the rage in the holistic community along with those of us who would prefer not to engage in rigorous exercise and calorie counting. It is being marketed as the best tea for weight loss. Senna tea

5 Best Natural Laxatives For Women For Weight Loss

It is extremely important to understand that using laxatives to lose weight is dangerous. Laxatives, both medicinal and natural, are made to keep the body regular. However, it is substantially easier to lose weight with a properly functioning digestive system,

10 Best Laxatives To Lose Weight – Go Herbal!

Before beginning, it’s important to note that laxatives should never be abused for weight loss purposes. The truth is, you won’t lose any weight by taking laxatives when you don’t need them. You will however often encounter nasty and uncomfortable

7 Things to Avoid When Taking Laxatives to Lose Weight

Laxatives are over the counter medications that provide relief from constipation and irregular bowel movements. Called medical agents, laxatives come in four major forms, including stool softeners, osmotic agents, bulking products, and stimulants. However, more and more people seeking to