Tumescent Liposuction Risks – Worth It or Not?

Almost all types of surgical cosmetic procedures carry risk, and tumescent liposuction is no exception. When it comes to determining the value of this stubborn blubber eliminator to you, you must consider many things, but most importantly, the associated risks.

Before understanding liposuction side effects, it’s important to remember that liposuction is not a diet and exercise alternative. In fact, it’s commonly agreed upon that healthy weighted people who are just cursed with stubborn jello deposits are the best candidates. Further, continuing to gain weight after going under the suction tube will bring those deposits you just had removed back with a vengeance, and sometimes they plant themselves in entirely new locations. These facts are just as important to consider when determining the value of tumescent liposuction.

Now, on to the side effects. Whether you have laser fat removal, or the traditional tumescent version, you are likely to be left with some battle wounds. You will likely be wrapped tightly for your liposuction recovery as soreness, bruising, numbness and swelling are all common as are baggy, saggy skin. Remember, tumescent liposuction removes the fat; it can take months or years to for the skin that used to cover that bulge to firm up, if ever. Of course, if a little rippling skin was the worst of the risks, everyone would be fat free (well, that and the exorbitant cost of tumescent liposuction which can reach thousands of dollars.) In addition to a flapping tummy, you might also want to be aware of some of the serious risks associated with tumescent liposuction. These can include nerve damage, permanent skin color change, blood loss, shock, pulmonary edema, fat clots and blood clots, infection and punctured organs. While the risks of these are small, especially when performed by a skilled physician, they are increased in people who are obese, or who have underlying health conditions.
Only you can determine if liposuction is worth it for you. It’s critical to have a one on one consultation with not only the firm you have selected for your procedure, but also your primary care doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough for liposuction. Remember that diet and exercise are the best methods for ensuring a healthy weight and a desirable figure.