Weight Gain After Gastric Bypass – What To Do?

Weight gain after gastric bypass is not necessarily uncommon. While surgeons aim to ensure that weight is lost, weight gain can occur. What does one do if it does? Some steps can be taken to make sure that the weight gain after gastric bypass surgery is minimal. These steps include stopping binge eating prior to the surgery; making sure that any alcohol and drug issue are addressed as that can bring the weight back; getting the willpower in order as food urges will come following surgery, which requires a significant amount of desire and discipline; joining a support group that will encourage and inspire you once the surgery is completed.

Life after gastric bypass is a relatively different one. People undergoing weight loss surgeries such as gastric plication surgery, which reduces stomach volume to limit eating and does not involve the extensive amounts of cutting that gastric bypass does. The procedure requires many adjustments like laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding does in its overall upkeep. It could be said that weight gain after gastric bypass is inevitable as the body adjusts to the new procedure. One of the pros of weight gain after gastric bypass is that most patients will maintain a considerable amount of their excess weight off within a 10 year timeframe. Some patients will opt to have the gastric sleeve over the gastric bypass in order to alleviate some of the weight gain that occurs after gastric bypass. This brings into discussion the gastric sleeve vs. gastric bypass. Many times the sleeve will be administered before the gastric bypass is performed, but sometimes the patient does not need the bypass if the sleeve is adequately keeping the weight off. Some methods such as the mini gastric bypass no surgery, which is a formula that gives the bypass effect, also can produce weight gain. To prohibit excessive weight gain after gastric bypass surgery, you may want to speak with your doctor about ensuring that the pouch created in the stomach is tightened so that weight gain after gastric bypass is nominal.