Weight Loss Shakes That Work Fast – Dangerous Ingredients Alert!

Do weight loss shakes that work fast sound too good to be true? Well, they usually are, and this is mostly due to the potentially dangerous ingredients in them that seek to replace the nutrients that you would normally get from healthy weight loss foods.

In general, weight loss shakes control a person’s calorie intake in a unique way: by restricting what they eat to nothing but liquids. Whether they will actually work usually depends from one product to the next, though. Some weight loss shakes that work fast may require you to replace all of your daily meals with them for a week, for example, while others come with medically supervised plans. Other weight loss shakes that work may only replace one meal a day, followed by a balanced and healthy dinner. Weight loss shakes that work fast might allow you to snack on oatmeal bars in-between meals, as well. Consuming fast acting drinks creates a temporary illusion of lost pounds, but even though liquid diets may be effective, they are often responsible for increased stomach acidity and incomplete nutrient levels which cannot be topped up with artificial drinks. Although you will likely lose weight because of this, that loss will probably only be short-lived since your metabolism will slow down with it. So, unless you actually make a healthy change in your diet in the long run, your weight may come back again very soon.

Furthermore, there are some low carb protein shakes out there that have dangerous ingredients in them, which go beyond common concerns like cheap protein powder, which may give you fewer calories than your body needs on a daily basis.

Even the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss out there might have artificial sweeteners in them, such as maltodextrin, that release different toxins into the blood. Although sweeteners make the protein powder taste better, they could damage the body over time. Aspartame, for example, enhances the powder’s flavor, but breaks down into formaldehyde and formic acid in the body in the end, which could cause nerve damage. Not all powders have aspartame in them, though, so just make sure you check each protein powder’s ingredients before buying it.

Some protein shakes that have been independently tested were shown to contain harmful substances, like arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium, as well. All of these metals happen to be very toxic and could effect the organs and the entire body in a negative manner. While some shakes may have more than the proposed amount of cadmium and arsenic limits in them, some shake powders actually have all of the aforementioned toxic substances in them.

In addition, natural or artificial flavors could contain hidden chemicals in them, which may be allergenic or toxic. FDA does not require manufacturers to list the exact list of ingredients that make them up. Finally, man made oils such as canola, soybean and sunflower oils are polyunsaturated vegetable oils that are subject to rancidity and rip the body of vitamins (such as vitamin E in the case of canola oil), and may lead to a list of potential health issues including damage to reproductive organs.

When selecting shakes that work fast, read the labels and be careful! Remember that there is no miracle drink that makes you lose pounds for good, so eating healthy unprocessed non fattening foods instead, and supplementing with daily vitamin supplements is much safer and will help you avoid the yo-yo weight loss effect.