Whole Psyllium Husk Benefits For Weight Loss

As if the fact that psyllium seed husk didn’t help gently relieve constipation, we just had to go and be more demanding of this native to India plant. When it comes to natural fiber supplements, psyllium is one of the oldest natural fiber supplements around, but it’s starting to be explored as a weight loss and maintenance product too, and not just in the kooky laxative abuser circuit, this one might actually have merit.

Most people are under the impression that psyllium husk benefits are limited to its laxative properties, meaning that it would help to reduce weight by eliminating the calories we eat before they have a chance to be digested. This is simply not true. What’s in our food has long been absorbed before it even gets to the parts of the body affected by psyllium, therefore rendering this claim invalid. Psyllium husk benefits do however possibly aid in detoxification of the colon, helping to release waste that has overstayed its welcome in your digestive tract. This alone could potentially cause a minimal amount of weight loss if successful, although it’s likely that any psyllium husk weight loss benefits arising from this would be miniscule.

Believe it or not, psyllium husk benefits go beyond those involving the expelling of colon contents. In preliminary studies, psyllium husk benefits have crossed over to the weight control department because of the fact that they may promote the feelings of fullness and therefore be a natural appetite suppressant. Psyllium husk has also been reported to bring relief to many other ailments such as hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, and high cholesterol. Preliminary and inconclusive studies have also indicated that psyllium might be helpful for diabetics and people with heart conditions.

Psyllium husk side effects are usually mild and include gas and bloating. However, it’s important to discuss any over the counter medication or supplement with your health care provider before taking. These products might conflict with medications you are currently taking, and health conditions that you already have. That’s why it’s critical that you discuss your fiber supplement intentions with your doctor before beginning.