Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss – 5 Most Effective Yoga Postures!

Get the firmness you seek with yoga asanas for weight loss. Asanas are positions that the body can be put in to exercise and refresh the mind, body, and spirit. Slim down and firm up with these 5 yoga asanas for weight loss that burn the calories:

1. Seated Forward Bend – Let gravity pull you in as you exhale while reaching towards your toes. This is one of the most successful exercises to lose body fat.

2. Mula Bandha – A pelvic exercise that strengthens and stabilizes, this gentle posture is especially good for women. Supporting the spine is one of the many benefits of yoga asanas for weight loss.

3. Dolphin Plank – Making the core tight is at the nucleus of this yoga asana. Lying flat on your stomach, this posture helps to keep your curves, while aligning with the Earth and balancing your toes and arms.

4. Tadasana – This moving and breathe heavy posture is often known to be the easiest of all of the yoga asanas for weight loss. Standing and tilting encompass this posture. Coupled with visualizations and lifting, the weight will lift easily.

5. The Cobra Pose – Focusing on the abs is a pivotal role in this yoga asana. Lie on your stomach and inhale as you lift your chest and head keeping your back and butt tight. Push your way to weight loss with posture.

There are many viable yoga asanas for weight loss. Some trainers recommend using leg press machines in combination with yoga asanas. Many leg exercises machines also aid in weight reduction as does pole dance fitness, which is a confident dance routine designed to blast the weight off. Breathe your way to the perfect form!